Commenter is an application conceived for those among Jehovah's Witnesses that can't assist personally to the theocratic meetings, for health issues, disability issues or other.

The application allows you to record your comment(s) and send them to the responsible of the sound in your congregation.
The record can be sent as an attached file via email or it can be shared via your favorite sharing method of your device.

Also, if the responsible of the sound of your congregation uses a Dropbox account in order to manage the comments and meeting records, he can link his account to the application and then the application will upload the record files directly into the directory of the Commenter application in his account.

The user will frequently create voice records in the format of *.3gp files needed to be sent to the responsible of the sound in one of the congregations of the Jehovah's Witnesses in order to be played in one of the meetings.

If the responsible of the sound receiving those files uses Dropbox in order to store and manage them, then the Commenter App in the device of the user can be linked with his account (the account of the responsible of the sound) in order to make the application to send the files directly inside the directory of the application into that account.
The application create and organize directories for each type of meeting inside the directory used by the application into the Dropbox account.
Then the Dropbox account owner will just need to verify whether any file has arrived into any of the directories corresponding to each kind of meeting in order to retrieve the file and play it during the meeting.

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